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Heaven on Earth: Painting and the Life to Come

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EAN code 9780500295540
Auteur(s) T.J. Clark
Taal Engels
Bindwijze Paperback
Formaat (h x b x d) 23.2 x 15.4 x 2.8 cm
Pagina aantal 288
Illustraties 101
Uitgever Thames & Hudson
ISBN nummer 9780500295540


Over dit kunstboek

The idea of heaven on earth haunts the human imagination. The day will come, say believers, when the pain and confusion of mortal life will give way to a transfigured community. Such a vision of the world seems indelible.

Even politics, some reckon, has not escaped from the realm of the sacred: its dreams of the future still borrow their imagery from the prophets. In Heaven on Earth, T.J. Clark sets out to investigate the very different ways painting has given form to the dream of God's kingdom come. He goes back to the late Middle Ages and Renaissance - to Giotto in Padua, Bruegel facing the horrors of religious war, Poussin painting the Sacraments, Veronese unfolding the human comedy. Was it to painting's advantage, is Clark's question, that in an age of enforced orthodoxy (threats of hellfire, burnings at the stake) artists could reflect on the powers and limitations of religion without putting their thoughts into words? At the heart of the book stands Bruegel's ironic but tender picture of The Land of Cockaigne, and also Veronese's inscrutable Allegory of Love. The story ends with Picasso's Fall of Icarus, made for UNESCO in 1958, which already seems to signal - perhaps to prescribe - an age when all futures are dead.

Over de auteur:

Timothy James Clark (1943), as an author known as T.J. Clark, is a British art historian and writer. He has been influential in developing the field of art history, especially when examining modern paintings as an articulation of the social and political conditions of modern life.

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