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Sculpture Since 1945

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EAN code 9780192842053
Auteur(s) Andrew Causey
Taal Engels
Bindwijze Paperback
Formaat (h x b x d) 23.8 x 16.1 x 1.9 cm
Pagina aantal 304
Illustraties Ja, kleur en zwart-wit
Uitgever Oxford University Press
ISBN nummer 9780192842053


Over dit kunstboek

Since 1945 the modern revolution in sculpture has gathered pace, and sculpture has now ceased to be the fixed category it once was. In recent decades the modernist idea of sculpture across the UK, America, and Europe, has been challenged, and issues such as nationalityand politics have been brought in to the arena of public discussion.

In this ground-breaking account of the development of post-War sculpture Andrew Causey examines innovative and avant-garde works in relation to contemporary events, festivals, commissions, the marketplace, and the changing functions of museums. He explores the use of everyday objects and the importance of sculptural context, discussing figurative and non-figurative works, Anti-form, Minimalism, experimental form, Earth Art, landscape sculpture, installation, and Performance Art. The holisticpicture of post-War sculpture which emerges establishes for the first time the key events and themes round which future debate will centre. From the pre-publication reviews:Andrew Causey weaves his way adroitly through the labyrinth of post-War sculpture ...

No one else has charted the territory so comprehensively stimulating and persuasive ... balances a searching analysis of the impact of institutional change, issues of sites and environment, and key critical debates with revealing commentaries on individual artists and works of art ... a discerning guide for anyone interested in contemporary art and culture.
Professor Stephen Bann, University of Kent at Canterbury

A clear guide to the various directions of sculpture and the work of sculptors in the years when modern sculpture has begun to stand in its own right as a major art form.
Elizabeth Cowling, University of Edinburgh

Over de auteur:

Andrew Causey (1940-2014) was Professor Emeritus of Modern Art History at the University of Manchester. He had been appointed to a lectureship at the University in 1972 after working as an art journalist and teaching at St Martin’s School of Art. He worked at Manchester for thirty-five years until his retirement in 2007. As an art historian Causey published on modern art, particularly modern British art and modern sculpture. He was also active in many arts bodies, most notably as a Trustee of the Henry Moore Foundation and on the Advisory Council of the Paul Mellon Centre.

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