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Exactitude - Hyperrealist Art Today

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EAN code 9780500238639
Auteur(s) Maggie Bollaert, John Russell Taylor
Taal Engels
Bindwijze Hardcover
Formaat (h x b x d) 31.8 x 27.3 x 3.7 cm
Pagina aantal 360
Illustraties 550 in kleur
Uitgever Thames & Hudson
ISBN nummer 9780500238639


Over dit kunstboek

Volledige titel: Exactitude. Hyperrealist Art Today

Published to accompany an exhibition at the Plus One Gallery in London in 2009.

This Gallery is dedicated to the development and promotion of British and international contemporary Hyperrealism. The gallery maintains a high standard of painters and sculptors, representing a number of Masters within the field alongside an array of emerging artists and a select number of original Photorealist artist's from 1960s.

This astonishing book presents a selection of contemporary artists working in a figurative, hyperrealist style. It includes work ranging from still lifes and extreme closeups to large scale cityscapes and landscape painting, and features an enormous range of artists from around the world, all of whom work in a meticulous fashion and for whom the brushstroke is subservient to the image itself. This breathtaking, large format volume will be essential reading for anyone interested in art in the 21st century.

Over de auteurs:

Maggie Bollaert
is one of the founders of Plus One Gallery. John Russell Taylor (1935) is an English critic and author. He is the author of critical studies of British theatre; of critical biographies of such important figures in Anglo-American film as Alfred Hitchcock, Alec Guinness, Orson Welles, Vivien Leigh, and Ingrid Bergman; of Strangers in Paradise: The Hollywood Emigres 1933–1950 (1983); and several books on art.

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