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The Architecture of the Italian Renaissance

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Auteur(s)         :         Christopher Luitpold Frommel
Taal         :          Engels
Bindwijze         :          Hardcover 
hoogte x breedte         :          29.4 x 24.1 x 2.6 cm
Omvang         :          224 pagina's
Illustraties         :          Ruim 300 (zwart-wit)
Uitgever         :         Thames & Hudson
ISBN         :         978-3-7913-8484-9 

Over dit kunstboek

The book focuses on buildings of the period between 1418 and 1580, made by 35 key architects.

Social context, religious beliefs, political power-structures, technical innovation, aesthetic judgement zere esxamined. The Architecture of the Italian Renaissance includes over 300 photographs, drawings, plans and reconstructions and can definitely be considered as the recognized textbook for the foreseeable future.

Over de auteur:
Christopher Luitpold Frommel (1933) is a German Art Historian and an expert in the field of architecture. He is the director of the Bibliotheca Hertziana – Max-Planck-Institute for Art History in Rome.

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