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The Library A World History

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Volledige titel: The Library. A World History


James W.P. Campbell,
Will Pryce
Taal         :          Engels
Bindwijze         :          Hardcover 
hoogte x breedte         :          29.4 x 24.9 x 3.4 cm
Omvang         :          328 pagina's
Illustraties         :          bijna 300 (275 in kleur)
Uitgever         :         Thames & Hudson
ISBN         :         9780500342886 

Over dit kunstboek


Spectacular book, the first single volume that tells and illustrates the story of the library as a distinct building type, all around the world.

Throughout the ages, book collections have served to symbolize their owners' culture and learning, and the wealthy and powerful have spent lavishly on buildings to house them. In its highest form the library became a total work of art, combining painting, sculpture, furniture and architecture into seamless, dramatic spaces. The finest libraries are repositories not just of books, but of learning, creativity and contemplation; they embody some of the highest achievements of humankind. This book recounts that history in text and images of truly outstanding quality.

Over de auteurs:
Dr James Campbell is an architect and architectural historian working on the area broadly termed Material Culture. He has practised as an architect in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and the United States. Will Pryce is a trained architect and award-winning photographer. He is the author of six books published by Thames & Hudson.

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