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Mark Rothko at Pace

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EAN code 9780935112832
Auteur(s) Arne Glimcher
Taal Engels
Bindwijze Hardcover
Formaat (h x b x d) 31.8 x 31 x 2.2 cm
Pagina aantal 360
Illustraties 100
Uitgever Callaway Editions
ISBN nummer 9780935112832


Over dit kunstboek

Mark Rothko: The Exhibitions at Pace is a highly-anticipated historical monograph on one of the greatest abstract painters of the twentieth-century.

This exceptional volume encompasses an extraordinary retrospective of paintings, all presented at Pace Gallery, which illustrates Rothko's contributions to early American modernism, his unprecedented transition into abstraction, and his groundbreaking mature work. Pace Gallery founder, Arne Glimcher's influence in highlighting Rothko's visionary aesthetic and analyzing the progression of his career is embodied in this definitive publication, with original essays from esteemed art historians and exquisite color reproductions.

Contributors to the publication include Klaus Kertess (“The Realist Years”), Robert Rosenblum (“The Surrealist Years”), James Lawrence (“The Watercolors: 1941–47”), Mark Stevens (“Multiforms”), Bernice Rose (“A Painter’s Progress” & “Bonnard-Rothko: Color and Light”), Irving Sandler (“Paintings: 1948–69”), Dan Rice (“The 1958–59 Murals: interview by Arne Glimcher with Dan Rice”), and Brian O’Doherty (“The Dark Paintings: 1969–70” & “The Last Paintings”). Arne Glimcher intersperses warm, personal touches in the book’s introduction and in his essay accompanying the exhibition Dark Palette.

The contributing writers guide the reader from Rothko’s early contributions in the 1930s to his Surrealist years, from his radical transition into abstraction in the Multiforms of the late 1940s to his monumental mature masterworks. In addition to sharing art historical expertise, the contributors highlight their personal connections to the artist, including Dan Rice, who assisted Rothko notably during his creation of the 1958–59 murals. An additional highlight of the book is a gallery of seventy-five essential Rothko works drawn from every major Rothko period and faithfully reproduced, in chronological sequence. Elegantly designed, printed and bound with the combination of advanced technology and fine craftmanship for which Callaway is known, Mark Rothko: The Exhibitions at Pace preserves and extends the artist’s legacy for a new generation. This landmark publication is a work to be treasured by connoisseurs of fine art and books everywhere.

Featuring an illuminating reminiscence by Glimcher, Mark Rothko at Pace faithfully preserves the artist's legacy while also extending his artistic achievements to new audiences alike.

Over de auteur:

Arnold Glimcher (1938) is an American art dealer, film producer and director. He is the founder of The Pace Gallery in Boston.

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