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Jan Gossart and the Invention of Netherlandish Antiquity

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EAN code 9780691169996
Auteur(s) Marisa Anne Bass
Taal Engels
Bindwijze Hardcover
Formaat (h x b x d) 26.7 x 20.4 x 2 cm
Pagina aantal 224
Illustraties 40 (kleur), 57 (zwart-wit)
Uitgever Princeton University Press
ISBN nummer 9780691169996


Over dit kunstboek

This is the first in-depth historical study of Jan Gossart [Jan Gossaert] (ca. 1478-1532), one of the most important painters of the Renaissance in northern Europe.

Providing a richly illustrated narrative of the Netherlandish artist's life and art, Marisa Anne Bass shows how Gossart's paintings were part of a larger cultural effort in the Netherlands to assert the region's ancient heritage as distinct from the antiquity and presumed cultural hegemony of Rome. Focusing on Gossart's vibrant, monumental mythological nudes, the book challenges previous interpretations by arguing that Gossart and his patrons did not slavishly imitate Italian Renaissance models but instead sought to contest the idea that the Roman past gave the Italians a monopoly on antiquity. Drawing on many previously unused primary sources in Latin, Dutch, and French, Jan Gossart and the Invention of Netherlandish Antiquity offers a fascinating new understanding of both the painter and the history of northern European art at large.

Over de auteur:

Marisa Bass is a scholar of early modern art in northern Europe, with a focus on the creative and intellectual culture in the Netherlands. Her research interests include the representation of nature, the cult of images, portraiture, Renaissance notions of imagination and invention, print culture, genre painting, emblematics, antiquarianism, and the public monument. She is born in the USA, in 1981, and has a Ph.D. from Harvard University. She works as Associate Professor of the History of Art & Archaeology at Yale University.

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