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Michelangelo A Portrait

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Volledige titel: Michelangelo. A Portrait of the Greatest Artist of the Italian Renaissance

Auteur(s)         :         William E. Wallace
Taal         :          Engels
Bindwijze         :          Hardcover 
hoogte x breedte         :          29 x 25.3 x 2.1 cm
Omvang         :          160 pagina's
Illustraties         :          Ruim 150

Welbeck Publishing
ISBN         :         9780233005638 

Over dit kunstboek

This beautiful book gathers together Michelangelo's work, both the famous and the lesser known, to create a vivid portrait of the artist's life and career.

Visually spectacular, it features more than 150 illustrations of his artworks, including the Pieta, David, Moses and the Sistine Chapel ceiling. William E. Wallace's insightful narrative describes a career that spanned the glories of the Italian Renaissance to the first stirrings of the counter-reformation. It is enhanced with rare documents from Michelangelo's personal papers, such as contracts for his works and his plans for the Sistine Chapel.

Over de auteur:
William EWallace received his Ph.D. in Art History from Columbia University in New York in 1983 and is currently Professor in the Department of Art History and Archaeology. He teaches Renaissance art and architecture 1300-1700, and is an internationally recognized authority on Michelangelo and his contemporaries.

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