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Michelangelo Sculptor in Bronze

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Auteur(s)         :         Victoria Avery (editor)
Taal         :          Engels
Bindwijze         :          Hardcover 
hoogte x breedte         :          28.7 x 23.8 x 3.7 cm
Omvang         :          320 pagina's
Illustraties         :          300 (kleur)
Uitgever         :         Philip Wilson Publishers
ISBN         :         9781781300633

Over dit kunstboek

Michelangelo (1475-1564) is one of the most important and influential artists in the history of art. Documented as a sculptor who worked in a variety of media, his production in bronze has, until recently, proved elusive.

However, in 2015 an international team of experts proposed that a pair of stunning male nude figures astride ferocious felines, known as the Rothschild bronzes, should be ascribed to Michelangelo and dated to the early 1500s. These enigmatic and visually-striking bronze masterpieces are the focal point of this multi-authored, interdisciplinary volume, which seeks to reassess Michelangelo's work in bronze and contextualise it within the rest of his output. It contains ground-breaking contributions by leading international experts in the field of art history, anatomy, conservation science and bronze-casting.

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