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Early Rubens

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EAN code 9783791358444
Auteur(s) Sasha Suda (Editor)
Taal Engels
Bindwijze Hardcover
Formaat (h x b x d) 28 x 24 cm
Pagina aantal 296
Illustraties 183 in kleur
Uitgever Prestel
ISBN nummer 9783791358444

Over het kunstboek Early Rubens

This book charts the evolution of Peter Paul Rubens’s style from 1609 until 1621 and his rise from relative anonymity to celebrity.

In 1600, Peter Paul Rubens left his home in Antwerp to travel to Italy and study the Italian masters. Eight years later, he returned to Belgium and quickly established himself as one of the foremost painters in Western Europe. The book Early Rubens explores Rubens’s work from 1609 until 1621 and how, acutely aware of the possibilities for commercial success, he rose to fame by establishing a “brand” and promoting himself. He created multiple versions of paintings with subjects that had proven to be successful, used similar subject matter to that used by famous artists in the past, and sought collaborators to create more ambitious works than he could have done alone. He also created a studio and workshop with numerous students and assistants, the most famous being Anthony van Dyck who frequently collaborated with Rubens. Through paintings, drawings, and prints, this book shows how a desire for commercial success influenced and changed Rubens’s artistic style. Essays delve into Italy’s effect on Rubens, on the narrative aspect of his paintings, and how he managed commissions from famous patrons. Filled with new insights on the most fruitful phase of Rubens’s career, this book offers a refreshing look at one of the most influential Baroque artists.

[In het boek Early Rubens zijn tevens bijdragen opgenomen van de volgende auteurs: Koen Bulckens, Corrinne Chong, David Franklin, David Jaffe, Alex Libby, Jaco Rutgers en Bert Timmermanns]

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